Volpi for children

04/07/2001 Gazeta Mercantil – Newspaper

Volpi for children (Click to see the original news)

With titles aimed at children readers, Callis Publisher celebrates on Sunday the Sales Success of the series Famous Children when launches the nineteenth book of the series, Volpi. Since 1994, when the first issue was published, the company has already sold 400,000 units, reaching an approximate revenue at R$ 3.6 million with the copies.
The series began to be marketed in Brazil when Callis bought the rights of an English publisher. In all, fourteen works depicting the childhood of famous artists from Britain, translated into Portuguese. When the editor realized market acceptance, account director Miriam Gabai, decided to flesh out the series with the biography of Brazilians.
She began by Heitor Villa-Lobos, which is already in the 13th edition. Optimistic about sales, Miriam Gabai says the goal of the publisher is to launch from this year, at least one title per year. The Callis also wants to expand borders and is eyeing the Hispanic market in Latin America. The publisher had the right to sell the works in Spanish and released four of them in neighboring countries to Brazil.
Now will launch Volpi, aimed, like all other works, for children as young as 5 or 6 years old, already literate. The author is the educator Nereide Santa Rosa, who also wrote Villa-Lobos and Monteiro Lobato by the series. The book depicts the birth of the painter in Italy. And how he came to Brazil when he was only eighteen months old and his teens.
“The book tries to captivate the child through his identification with the artist’s childhood,” says Nereide. She says, for example, as Volpi worked as a painter on a mansion on Avenida Paulista and how he plays with mixing paints. According to the writer, the series has been admired mainly by parents who understand the importance of family to the development of an artist in childhood.he launch of the book Volpi in the Immigrant Memorial, is first and foremost a family outing opportunity, with several activities for children on site.( Special to the Gazeta Mercantil)
Sunday at Memorial
Parents and children will have a classical Sunday morning, in the Immigrant Memorial. The Callis Publisher opens at 10:30 am, the Imigrarte Exhibition on the importance of immigrants in the Brazilian artistic development. There will be activities for children, with monitors. At 11am, the Camerata Callis presents, and 11h30, Nereide Santa Rosa autographs the book Volpi. The child may make trolley tours.