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08/23/2003 Grupo 1 de Jornais – Newspaper

Author on the square (Click to see the original news)

The Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa writer is the next guest of the “The Author in the Plaza” signing Senninha and His Crew in the Rally of Tietê, book for the 1st. to the fourth degree to work in the areas of Portuguese, History and Science. 15:00 pm Space Plinio Marcos at the Fair of the Arts Praça Benedito Calixto.
About Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa, in her words. “My name is Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa; I am an author of children and adolescents and textbooks. I took the initiative to create this page to facilitate contact and interactivity with the public. I am a teacher since 16-year-old, teaching from kindergarten to the course for teacher.s I graduated in Music and Arts Education, and Mathematics, Drawing, Pedagogy, and Physics. I worked for almost 20 years as a teacher and educator, in private schools and public schools in the Technical Guidance Division of the City of Sao Paulo. I performed lectures, courses, won awards, studied and researched almost daily. Today I am a writer of children’s literature, with thirty-six published books. My professional life was always directed to work with teachers to collaborate effectively with its improvement. To the children and young, I write about relevant content, adapting them to direct language, easy to understand. Also, I aim rescuing important values for their critical development and cognitive.
About the Book; Senninha and his team in Tietê Rally: Confusion, speed, skids and traps, mystery, discoveries, cooperation and respect for nature. Everything is possible when the class of Senninha participates in a “rally-contest” the banks of the Tietê River. Book for 1st to 4th series to work in the areas of Portuguese, History and Science. In view of the National Curriculum Standards. The Environment theme is approached with issues such as protection, conservation, preservation, restoration and degradation of the Tietê River, which are subtly inserted into the adventure in order to provoke discussion and analysis by the reader, in addition to suggestions interactive activities on the subject. Enables discuss the history of the Tietê River. Monsoons, pollution, the possibility of the river back to being clean. The importance of take care of our water and nature around us, the importance of fresh water in human life, waste and measures to avoid it, the use of water in the future, animals that live in the river and on its banks etc., and can be worked in an interdisciplinary way. More information: (Senninha and the gang in Tietê Rally – Duna Dueto Publishing, 32 pages, R$ 18.00)