Hommage to immigrant Carmem Miranda

04/11/2003 O Estado de S. Paulo – Newspaper – Eliane Marinho

Hommage to immigrant Carmem Miranda(Click to see the original news)

Memorial exposes clothes; props and artwork made based on the artist’s style Carmen Miranda, considered by Brazilian and foreign public almost a legend, marked time for her distinctive voice and irreverent image. For these reasons, The Immigrant Memorial, from Sunday, shows the exposure Carmen Miranda: an Immigrant Remarkable.”She represents the integration of immigrants in Brazilian society,” says the curator, historian and professor Marco Antonio Xavier. “She ended up being one of the best-known Brazilians in the world. Despite Carmen being Portuguese, was created from 10 months here in Brazil.”To show who was Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha and her importance to Brazil in the 20th century. The Memorial was supported by Duna Dueto Publisher, Brazil Mails and the Brazilian Association of Plastic Artists Collage (ABAPC).The show, which runs until May 18, is split in. Clothing and props made by designers based on shoes platforms, Dresses and turbans worn by the artist, works of art made with collage techniques and acquis of collectors. In addition, the public will have exposure of 90 stamps the Brazilian Mails, Music, Sound and Harmony. Among these is the stamp produced in the 80s that honor the little remarkable. At the opening of the show, at 13:30, there will be a music and dance show, with actor and singer Lana Miranda. Considered the “official impersonator” of Carmen and one of the greatest fans of the artist.”We are proud to imitate Carmen, a privilege for the few. This is the unique Brazilian icon,” says the actor. Who began to take an interest in her work when he was 10. “The radio inspired me because every day I heard the GlamofonenaAM program, that present songs of Carmen.” It is also planned the group Stooges Company (puppet dolls) and Art-Samba-Choro group and the launch of the book on the artist written by Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa.