Our People – A writer among us

07/01/1998 In Home – Magazine – BankBoston Magazine

Our People – A writer among us(Click to see the original interview)

Nereide Santa Rosa, wife of Corporate Systems Manager, Francisco Santa Rosa, is experiencing a period of exceptional professional fulfillment. Curious researcher and writer, Nereide moves comfortably in fields as diverse as music, math, history and literature. Of their research appear children’s books that become bestsellers. Some examples are two volumes of music education for children, musician biography Heitor Villa-Lobos, which integrates Famous Children series and a known flute method. To write to Nereide, is almost an addiction. She has just released two new works within the series “Biographies Brasileiras”, Editora Callis, aimed at young people aged ten years. The persons chosen for her were the modernist painter Tarsila do Amaral and the “Father of Aviation” Santos Dumont. “I tried to talk about their lives highlighting the bold vision and perseverance to pursue dreams,” says Nereide. Three other texts will be launched by the end of the year, addressing the lives of Machado de Assis, Monteiro Lobato, and Candido Portinari.
Nereide says that nothing could write without her husband Francisco, both the partner and critical reading of texts as in the conduct of the house. His knowledge of the IT industry has even earned a project: the couple created a literacy software, which was awarded in 1984. “When the union exists, the fruits are just a natural consequence,” boasts Francisco.