Children’s Biography

09/19/2010 – 12h28 – Folha de S.Paulo – Newspaper

Child’s biographer of Villa-Lobos and Lobato talks to Folha Bookstore ((Click to see the original audio interview)

The writer Nereide Santa Rosa is one of the few people who can speak with authority that know, with details, the childhood of famous characters in Brazilian history. Heitor Villa-Lobos, Monteiro Lobato, Machado de Assis, Tarsila do Amaral, among many others. And look, Nereide is only 57 years old.
How is it possible? Nereide is the author of several “children’s biographies”, which portrays with her language and thought-provoking one of the most interesting life stages of writers, musicians, and Brazilian artists. The books “Villa-Lobos”, “Santos-Dumont” and “Carlos Gomes”, from the series “Famous Children” and “The Childhood of Tatiana Belinky”, (Callis), are some of her most successful works. In an interview with Livraria da Folha, the writer tells us about how began writing for children. In such a short time has become a reference, Nereide Santa Rosa has a degree in music, math, arts and education, and from 17 years she began working with children. Later, already retired teacher by profession, felt the need to connect with this universe, and had the idea of writing about the childhood of the Villa-Lobos musician. The publisher accepted and from this title the author has not stopped producing.
In the interview, she says her passion for the music and the young audience, which motivated she to write her first book in the series. Nereide also talks about how to interview and write the biography the writer Tatiana Belinky, symbol of the Children and Youth Brazilian literature. The author also commented that the series that portray childhood are successful because children feel a great identification with the images of boys, some mischief and even with some dreams. As explained, however, the times and customs are different, “many readers tell me they found nice to know that such a person was also a child.” The pictures of these children as important in the cultural formation of our country serve to inspire future artists, she says.
Finally, the writer left in the air in which is the next child who wants to dip and write. Among many laughs, confessed that will and characters abound. “Look, there’re so many people … But some I would love to do are the Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque and Vinicius de Moraes,” she says.