The important thing is to read on any media, print or digital

04/11/2015 Contec Brasil – Newsletter – Ivani Cardoso

The important thing is to read on any media, print or digital (Click to see the original text)

The educator, writer and art educator Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa learned very early on that reading was fun and liberating. His first book was Villa-Lobos, published in 1994 by Editora Callis. From there never stopped writing and now has over seventy books published by multiple publishers. Nereide believes that parents can encourage their children to read with a simple attitude: Reading, reading and reading to their children. The oral reading to the child is a moment of affection, attention and love that’s never forgets. Encourage silent reading is also important for the child to interact with the text, and work with your imagination. Parents should bring books home, clearly demonstrated that value reading, attending bookstores and share the choices of titles. As well as taking the children to libraries to prove that books are kept because they are valuable objects to known literature and history. “Nereide is winner of the 2004 Jabuti Award and several awards from the National Foundation of Books for Children and Youth with laurel Highly Commended for her, the printed book will always exist,” the physical contact with the book object is part of a personal interaction between the text and the reader. But beyond that, the most important thing is to read or in any media, printed or digital. “