History of art for children-Veja.

05/22/2002 Veja – Magazine

History of art for children-Veja. (Click to see the original news)

History of Brazilian Art for Children, Nereide Schilaro of Santa Rosa (Pinakotheke Issues; 32 pages; 15 reais each). This series of four volumes is a great introduction to the national art to the public that is between the end of childhood and the beginning adolescence. Its author, an educator born in São Paulo Nereide Santa Rosa, makes each book a small treatise on the most remarkable periods of art in the country. The first volume talks about travelers who portrayed the colonial Brazil from the seventeenth century, as Debret and Rugendas, the second addresses the academic painting of the nineteenth century and the third, the modernist movement. At last, she distinction a tricky trend even for many adults: abstractionism. Her texts are short and go straight to the point.