Francisco Rebolo..

10/30/2003 O Estado de S.Paulo – Newspaper – Karla Dunder

Francisco Rebolo (Click to see the original news)

Within Names of Brazil series, the Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa writer presents Francisco Rebolo (Duna Dueto, 32 pp., R$ 18 tel. 3045-9894). For those unfamiliar, Francisco Rebolo was a famous painter and landscaper. The author says that Rebolo was born in the neighborhood of Mooca; a boy that liked to ride a tram through the city and awakened to a great passion: soccer. When he was seven years old, the small watched the games in the fields and floodplains in the region. Life was hard. Very early, at age twelve was forced to stop his studies to work. Was a delivery of hats and had fun walking all around by tram. A few years later, he and his brother began to paint walls together. With he discovered the colors and the handling of brushes. His interest grew, went to study with Professor Giuseppe Perissinoto. At the same time, do not stop playing soccer. In 1922, he was invited to play for Corinthians and later designed the team logo. In 1935, he and a group of artists as Bonadei, Volpi, Clovis Graciano among others, formed the Grupo Santa Helena, an important moment for Brazilian art. Besides having details the life of Rebolo, the author discusses some of the artist frames.