Carmem Miranda..

04/16/2003 Revista Veja – Magazine – Ricardo Moreno

Carmem Miranda (Click to see the original news)

To honor one of the most famous Brazilian singers, was prepared an exhibition of album covers. Magazines of the time, rare music, clothes, and props. The notable Carmen Miranda (1909-1955). Born in the province of Marco Canavezes. Portugal also wins imitation music show, dance and puppets on Sunday (13) at 13.30. Then. Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa autographs the children’s book Carmen Miranda (Duna Dueto Publisher. 32 pages, RS 18:00). Immigrant Memorial. Rua Visconde de Parnaíba. 1316. Brás. Phone 6692-7804. Tuesday to Sunday. 10 am to 17 pm. Free. From this Sunday (13). Until 18 May.