Mathematics through music

05/19/1990 15:30 – Folha da Região Oeste – Newspaper

Mathematics through music (Click to see the full news)

The Division of Municipal Education of Itapecerica da Serra, promoted in past days 23, 24 and 25 the formation course “Math through Music” for pre-school teachers. The course was taught by Professor Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa; educator specializing in Music Education and a BA in mathematics and geometric design. She stated that since 1976 has promoted lectures on this topic, in order to work the logical reasoning of mathematics. Involving children in preschool, creating musical activities such as songs, dances, little band and body language. The main points of mathematics through music that are worked in preschool for literacy are: high / small, far / near, light / fat , numbers, sets, sequence, major / minor, in / out geometric shapes. These points are applied in music lyrics for children, enabling the child to have greater contact with these notions that make mathematics a challenge and in the future will like and understand the subject. According with reported by Leonor Silva Lopes, responsible for the city’s Education Division, teachers now will be able to provide this new method throughout the state and municipal schools.