Riches of Brazil

04/01/2002 Revista Escola – Revista

Riches of Brazil(Click to see the original news)

For young people who want to learn more about the cultural diversity of Brazil, this series are amazing. You know those books that all teachers want to have on the bookshelf of their houses and school Libraries? As these are! On each page, there are images of works of art of different styles and periods, most Brazilians and on folk themes. Your students will know the wealth of Bumba-meu-boi and maracatu. Know about the variety of oratories, Catholics and African-Brazilian. The craft tools and props; the legends of the lilypad and mysterious cowboy, toys and playing with dolls, kites and more. Art and Roots series (Usages and Customs, Toys and Games, Legends and Characters, Religions and Beliefs, Parties and Traditions), Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa, 31 pages, Ed Modern..; tel. 0800 to 172,002.15 reais each.