Cool Vacation

09/01/2005 In Home – Magazine – BankBoston Magazine

Cool Vacation: Portinari as Theme(Click to see the original news)

Cool Vacation: Portinari as Theme>/strong>

Each year, the children of employees are invited to spend the day at BankBoston building during the school recess, developing activities on the site. This initiative is part of Cool Vacation program, which this year was dedicated to one of the most famous Brazilian artists, the painter Candido Portinari. 26 and July 27, more than 150 children of employees, aged 6 to 12 years, enrolled in the program attend the play Portinari, Foot of Mulato, staged by Cia. Articularte. In addition, met the painter’s works exhibited in the building with the monitoring of Nereide Santa Rosa, author of Candido Portinari (Moderna Publisher), among other titles for children and youth , and the employee’s wife Francisco Santa Rosa. The kids also participated in a workshop dolls, and with them have made a theatrical presentation for parents.