College hosts book launch

03/26/2012 Colégio Dante Aligheri – Website

College hosts book launch (Click to see the original news)

“The ways of Italian art in Brazil”

The Dante Alighieri School hosted the morning of last Monday, March 26, the release of “The paths of Italian art in Brazil,” the educator and art educator Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa. At the time, the writer presented a quick overview of the content of her work to 9th graders of the school. During the exhibition, Nereide Schilaro talked about painting, sculpture and architecture Italian. Quoting and showing work of certain people (such as the Etruscans).
Particular periods (the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages). And artistic movements (Mannerism, Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism, Expressionism and Futurism). In line with the above noted the influences of these aesthetic in works by Brazilian artists like Candido Portinari and Tarsila do Amaral.
“I was a teacher for a long time, so this proximity with students gives me a continuity as a teacher,” said the winner of the 2004 Jabuti prize in Paradidactic category. “When there is a meeting with the reader, you have feedback about your book, you know if the student appreciates your work or not,” she continued. She also listed the reasons that led her to write a book on Italian art in Brazil. “The Italian art is essential. It also has an emotional side, because I have Italian citizenship, in addition to Brazil, “she said.
Have the coordinator of the Department of Art of the College, Sandra Romanello, highlighted the educational interest of the lecture for students in the 9th grade. “, the author is far from those who read his work. So we brought Nereide just to bring it closer to students and attract their interest to the book. Now, these students will read the book and, from it, present seminars, “said the teacher.
The student Philip Foschini, the 9th D, approved the initiative of the College. “It’s a good idea because the writer can give any tips, any thoughts on the book. Besides talking how she felt, what she thought when writing the book, “he said.