National Poetry Day

03/11/2010 – 09:13 – Portal Fator Brasil – Magazine

National Poetry Day, March 14 (Click to see the original news)

Books tell the childhood of Machado de Assis and Cecilia Meireles

Books shows to young readers that literature geniuses have also been children – Machado de Assis is considered by Marcos Flaminio Peres, notebook editor More! Newspaper Folha de S. Paulo and a doctorate in letters from USP, the watershed of Brazilian literature. Another is the venerated writer Cecilia Meireles, which the multiplicity of techniques in her work was considered timeless by scholars.
To celebrate the National Day of Poetry, Callis Editora shows that these two icons have something similar with all the worshipers of his works: they also been children. That is the subject of the books “Machado de Assis” of Nereide S. Santa Rosa, and “Cecilia Meireles,” of Carla Caruso.
Early in the first work, there is a message from the author: as Machado burned his notes about the time of his childhood, the book is made entirely based on the works of serious researchers. With that message, Nereide begins to talk about of Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, a boy who became recognized worldwide, by to try to understand the complexity of life and people.
The same path follows the book about Cecilia Meireles: begins talking birth and early life of the poet, painter, teacher and journalist born in Rio de Janeiro. In the pages ahead, the reader perceives the early genius of Cecilia, who released her first book of poetry at age 18.
. Machado de Assis book | Callis Publisher | Author: Nereide S. Santa Rosa | Illustration: Aragon | 16 cm x 23 cm \ 40 pages | Suggested price: R$ 20.90.
.Cecilia Meireles | Callis Publisher | Author: Carla Caruso | Illustration: Angelo Bonito | 21 cm x 21 cm | 24 pages | Suggested price: R$ 18.90.