Little Tatiana Belinky

07/30/2010 15:30 – Brazilians – Website

Little Tatiana Belinky (Click to see the full news)

“I do not feel Brazilian, I am Brazilian, or rather, I am very Brazilian, but with various accents.” The sentence above is a recurring response to a question that Tatiana Belinky hears all the time. That sentence is in the great profile that the journalist Claudio Frigate has traced to one of our most major writers for children and young in the 8th edition of the magazine Brazilian.
The creator and storyteller, an author, born in Russia in 1919 turned character in the book of Nereide S. Santa Rosa. The Childhood of Tatiana Belinky (Callis Publisher) will be released on Saturday at 11 am at the Teatro Eva Herz, Cultura Bookstore, in São Paulo. There will be book signing and chat with the two writers. In addition, a presentation of the Camerata Callis, formed by twelve young musicians and conducted by maestro Hugo Ksenhuk, opens the event.
The book of Nereide S. Santa Rosa brings Tatiana as the protagonist of stories with snowflakes in Latvia, summer in the Baltic Sea beaches; theater plays with her younger brother and birthdays of the Queen. Reports the first ten years of writer’s life from birth in St. Petersburg, until the coming to Brazil with her parents and brothers, fleeing wars in Europe.
The author of The Childhood of Tatiana Belinky is a pedagogue, art educator and author of more than fifty titles. In 1994, she published her first children’s book by Callis Publisher. In 2004, won the Jabuti Award. She is a teacher and educational coordinator and worked in the City Department of Education of São Paulo.