Family Talents

08/01/1999 In Home – Magazine – BankBoston Magazine

Family Talents((Click to see the original news)

Parents and children of employees begin in the art of writing, technical books and to thrillers

SUSPENSE – In the house of Santa Rosa, owls are the parents. Tatiane, only 17 years old, daughter of Francisco Carlos Santa Rosa, systems manager, has just released Silverstone, a crime novel by Editora D & Z. The Reader of Agatha Christie, she began writing as a hobby. Created characters and gave wings to the imagination. The story is set in a mansion in England, a country that Tatiane not know. “I think England has a mysterious climate,” says the girl, who already has two other cocked mystery books with the same central character, the detective Jules Bee. “When the publisher accepted the text, was a joy to us,” the father says. Tatiane account that the family environment encouraged her to read, write and develop their creative side. She and her sister learned to use the computer (each has its) to release the imagination. The talent for writing can be said that is a hereditary trait: The mother of the girls, Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa, is the author of children’s books (Nereide was the subject of Our People section of the July 98 edition of the EmCasa). Francisco follows the work of his wife and daughter with enthusiasm. “I gave hints in the book of Tatiane, but everything came from her head.”