Book tells the story of Monteiro Lobato

04/19/2011 – 11:49 A Tarde – Newspaper – Digital Edition

Book tells the story of Monteiro Lobato (Click to see the original news)

The Birthday of Monteiro Lobato, creator of The Yellow Woodpecker Ranch, was on Monday, April 18. In recognition to the date, Callis Publisher relaunched another volume of the collection Famous Children, just talking about the childhood of the “father” of Emilia doll. Written by Nereide Santa Rosa, the book chronicles the childhood of Juca – Lobato’s childhood nickname. Which, quite different from Pedrinho, Narizinho and Emilia, was a quiet boy, who would prefer spend hours in his grandfather’s library, called by him “enchanted room,” or in the company of younger sisters Esther and Judith. Monteiro Lobato has memories of the farm “Santa Maria” in Taubaté, where he grew up, in common with the characters of the Ranch. The balcony of the big house, the coffee trees, and even a hill in a virgin forest, which imagined being the habitat of jaguars and natives. Famous Children series account the early years of great personalities like Cecilia Meirelles, Leonardo da Vinci, Jorge Amado and Santos Dumont, among others.